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Established in 2002 by Dulaney High School Men's Varsity coach Jerry Tana (since 2007), the program caters to players and families committed to improving their game and reaching their playing potential. Since 2007, Jerry Tana and his team leaders and coaches have led their players to achieve success in the community through year-round tournaments, leagues, and friendlies.


Our club takes pride in creating programs that have prepared players for competitive high school and college level soccer, and beyond. Since the club’s inception, Jerry Tana's teams have competed on state and regional levels (including, but not limited to: PAGS, BBSL, CMSA, and EDP), and Coach Tana has led his teams to win championships all over the Mid-Atlantic region. Most BSC teams train year-round to maintain their athletic development.


Our mission aims to engage, inspire, and invest in the youth athletes in our community to actively develop and achieve their highest potential, both on and off the soccer field. 


Baltimore Soccer Club was created and strives to provide a safe, fun outlet for the youth in our community to develop a healthy sense of athletic competition. We foster an inclusive and competitive environment where social and physical growth connects with soccer-specific learning and discipline. Baltimore Soccer Club (BSC) focuses on developing well-rounded soccer athletes destined for long-term success. Skill-sets include empowering our players to practice leadership, teamwork, communication, responsibility, and discipline at all ages of play.  

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