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Life skills

"I have known Jerry for nearly five years, and wanted to bring to light what I know Jerry brings to the table apart from the X's and O's on the soccer field. While Jerry is a terrific tactician on the field of play and his players learn the soccer skills required to compete, Jerry's ability to teach LIFE skills is what sets him apart. Sportsmanship, Hard Work and Listening are the pillars of Jerry's coaching philosophy..."

Kevin Culley
VP - Strategic Innovation Partnerships, Under Armour

Energy for coaching

"Jerry is a tireless worker, and his energy for coaching has known no bounds in the years we've worked together with Baltimore SC club teams, and while watching his teams play at Dulaney High School. I've seen first hand his ability to develop players into top flight performers- both my sons played club for Jerry over nearly 10 years, with the older contributing to Loyola Blakefield as a three year starter and senior captain, and the younger leading the Dulaney boys to the 2014 Baltimore County crown as a center back and captain... Quite probably a more important skill that Jerry possesses is that his teams always play hard for him, and they invariably have great fun while competing, both in practice and in matches...."

Dave Carder
Past President, Baltimore Soccer Club

Knowledge & communication

"Just wanted to let you know that Suzanne was recently named captain of the Washington College soccer team. Thank you for all that you did while coaching her with the Bays. Because of you, she became the player she is today. Because of your knowledge of the game and your ability to communicate, teach and relate to your players at all levels, you have inspired several young ladies and men to become the best players they can be. Thanks again and take care."

Ralph Patenella, SSA


"Jerry Tana tenure of 10 years at Dulaney High School has the respect of all public and private high school coaching peers. His teams are always well prepared and exhibit good sportsmanship. He represents Baltimore County with class."

Daniel J. Skelton- M.S.
St. Paul's varsity soccer head coach
St. Paul’s School-L.S. and M.S. Counselor

Positive reinforcement

"My son has participated in Jerry Tana's soccer camps as well as having been on both indoor and outdoor soccer teams. Jerry focuses on the skills of the sport as well as the concepts of the game. He coaches via positive reinforcement, not negativity. His style is not to yell, but to teach. He is inclusive and tries to get the most from every player. It has been both remarkable and enjoyable to was the players grow and improve. I am glad my son has had the chance to work with Jerry."

Jeff Huddleston
Loyola College


"Teaching soccer technique and developing skill is obviously an essential part of a coach’s role, and of course, Coach Tana is among the best. But what impresses me most about Coach Tana is the affect he has on his players--I’ve never seen such an ability to motivate players to accomplish more than otherwise expected."

Brian White
President, Northwest Hospital

Prepared to perform

"Jerry Tana has the rare combination of being a great developmental coach as well as a great in-game coach. Whether your child is looking to play their first year of travel soccer, getting ready to try out for their High School team, or looking to make the jump to College, Jerry will have them prepared to perform as far as their athletic ability will take them. I've watched him over the past 4 years train and help improve the skills and field sense with children as young as 6 all the way up to High School age. The message is always the same: by focusing on the fundamentals, working hard, and thinking through the game you will be more dangerous to your opponent and valuable to your team. In game coaching the focus is on "winning" soccer. That doesn't mean that a win is stressed over development, but rather every play in the game the focus for the kids remains fundamentals and that leads to playing "winning" soccer."

Wilhelm, David S CDR
US Army


"John Wooden said, "Be more concerned about your character than your reputation, because your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others think of you."

At BSC, coaching young people is more about developing character than any particular soccer skill. BSC coaching is about seeing young people grow into becoming young men or women who have integrity. Player development comes before winning. Players will be challenged to work hard, play hard and have fun. As coaches we are first and foremost role models and teachers. Our desire is to see your son or daughter grow as a person, become a team player, and develop his/her soccer skills in a fun and safe environment. This is what Coach Tana has built with the success of The Baltimore Soccer Club."

Chip Pierce
Ministry Director Metro Maryland Youth for Christ
Licensed Professional Counselor and Coach

Fun & energetic

"I would like to take a moment and thank you for all that you have done for the BSC Striker team and specifically for Julia. It is hard to believe that it has been nearly 5 years since you started to train her when she was playing U9. The skills that you teach have made her a better player. You are very adept at making sure the girls advance in foot skills while keeping it fun and energetic. Additionally, you have a way of speaking to the girls while training them that is instructional, kind, motivating and demanding all at the same time. I many times find myself emulating your style when I coach my football and lacrosse teams. We would want no other person teaching Julia the fine sport of soccer than you. Thank you so much."

Paul Franzoni

CMRC President

Future development

"Jerry Has the ability to adapt his techniques to his audience and get the most out of his players. Jerry truly cares about the well being of each and every player and there future development. Jerry provide outstanding training all the way down to the hot shots level. Jerry brings enthusiasm to all his workout and his practice plans are well thought out and continually focusing on long term development. Jerry has the ability to take a player that everyone has given up on and develop them into a prominent high school player. I am personally grateful that this program has Jerry. Jerry is a great asset and resource for all the kids in the soccer program. Jerry has dedicated is time for over 20+ years to the Carroll Manor community and currently has no children in the program. His countless hours of training and games to improve "what some would call lesser talent players" is second to none. He has the ability to take the quote un quote B team and make them an "A" team. Jerry never gives up on a child rather supports them in only a positive way.


Jerry has successfully developed and retained top-tier student athletes, facilitates all travel plans for soccer teams, and makes it FUN for all players despite the level of play. He truly cares about the well being of each and every kid no matter what the skill level. He will without a doubt make your child a better soccer player."

Paul Dipino
Past CMRC Soccer Chairman

Character & class

"Jerry Tana has coached Baseball and Soccer here at Dulaney for the past 11 years. During that time, the Dulaney Soccer program has grown in status and has produced some wonderful talented teams. Even more important than our win and loss record during his administration is the character and class in which our program has been conducted. He has the respect of his peers and has been a tremendous asset to Dulaney."

Mike Lafferty
Dulaney HS

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